DAVID VAUGHAN - ISA Certified Arborist





  • ISA Certified Arborist TX 0118
  • Wildfire Risk Assessment Qualified
  • Member American Society of Consulting Arborists

Trichoderma and Hypoxylon Canker

Shella McBride and David Appel in their article on Hypoxylon Canker for AgriLife Extension state that once Hypoxylon Canker is evident, it is usually too late to save the tree.  The Arborlogical Services web site says that it is extremely rare to see Hypoxylon Canker on the trunk of a tree and have the tree recover or survive.  The Hypoxylon Canker article on the Texas Forest Service web site is even direr.  It says that once the tree is actively infected, the tree will die. It also says that there is no known cure.

Trichoderma and Systemically Induced Resistance

At the 2015 ITC in Orlando Florida the last talk of the conference was by Dr. Glen Percival on Systemically Induced Resistance (SIR).  He reported on his research using the fungus Trichoderma to successfully treat Apple Scab and Armillaria spp. in Great Britain.

Recommended Small to Medium-sized Trees

Recommended small to medium sized trees, native or perform like native

A Simple Review – The Plant Cell

All life functions must occur within a cell.  This microscopic structure is filled with organelles and tunnels and performs manufacturing of everything needed for life on an unimaginable scale at speeds that cannot be comprehended.

When A Tree Grows New Bark

Our client asked what it would cost to remove the tree and was amazed when we told her we could save it and that the wound would be covered in a year.

What You Should Know About Soils

Soil is more than sand, silt, and clay with some small amount of organic matter.  You may have 3 inches of clay over caliche, or 12 inches of blackland clay, or 5 feet of sand over hardpan. Whatever you have, soil is teaming with life.

Pruning Recommendations

PRUNING, when properly performed, is beneficial and can reduce the risk of stem and branch failure; provide clearance for structures, vehicles, and pedestrians; improve health and appearance; and improve views.

What You Should Know About Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a vascular wilt disease caused by a fungus that infects the water-conducting tissues of oak trees and causes them to wilt and die. Good health does not improve resistance to this disease.

Tree Vents

Purpose: To provide air, water and fertilizing ports in the root area of trees that have paving over their root zones. Their main value is to vent toxic gases to the surface and to allow oxygen to enter the soil under the paving. Their secondary value is for water and fertilization. Fertilizer should be applied through the vents annually.

Fertilization for Trees & Shrubs

For the first half of my career, I fertilized or recommended fertilization for every tree in my care on an annual programmed schedule.