DAVID VAUGHAN - ISA Certified Arborist





  • ISA Certified Arborist TX 0118
  • 2022 Texas Arborist of the Year
  • Member American Society of Consulting Arborists

A Simple Review – The Plant Cell

All life functions must occur within a cell.  This microscopic structure is filled with organelles and tunnels and performs manufacturing of everything needed for life on an unimaginable scale at speeds that cannot be comprehended.

Tillandsia recurvata - "ball moss"

Ball Moss

The debate over ball moss has stressed marriages, destroyed friendships, and caused heated debates between professionals. Many observers are absolutely certain they have seen ball moss kill branches and trees. Others point to the ball moss growing on an outside wire and swear it can do no harm.

Construction Tree Preservation

Barricades or fencing should be installed around the trees near the drip line before any equipment has access to the property.

Fertilization for Trees & Shrubs

For the first half of my career, I fertilized or recommended fertilization for every tree in my care on an annual programmed schedule.

New Tree Planting

When you plant, it would be good to have a landscape plan and to plant your trees and shrubs according to that plan. It is best to place trees and shrubs so they can develop without crowding each other, structures, or utility lines.

Pruning Recommendations

PRUNING, when properly performed, is beneficial and can reduce the risk of stem and branch failure; provide clearance for structures, vehicles, and pedestrians; improve health and appearance; and improve views. 

Recommended Small to Medium-sized Trees

Recommended small to medium sized trees, native or perform like native

Root Collar Problems

The most likely cause of tree problems in the urban setting in our area is buried root collars. I seldom have a day in which I do not diagnose a root collar disorder.

Sustainable Soil

A YouTube video of the lecture for the Fredericksburg Native Plant Society of Texas, January, 2022. Sustainable Soil
tree vent

Tree Vents

Purpose: To provide air, water and fertilizing ports in the root area of trees that have paving over their root zones. Their main value is to vent toxic gases to the surface and to allow oxygen to enter the soil under the paving. Their secondary value is for water and fertilization. Fertilizer should be applied through the vents annually.